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FIU Museums Insiders Program

Those currently enrolled in FIU undergraduate and graduate programs are invited to stand out as FIU Museums Insiders, an exclusive student community of culture lovers, designers, and thought leaders. Participation is 100% free and unlocks:

  • Free admission for you +2 during your visit
  • Coupon for complimentary swag
  • Alerts on student work opportunities
  • Invites to events and experiences
What encouraged me to join the Insiders program was my love for art museums. Many people don’t know about all the museums available to them. The Insider program also allows members to get internships and meet other college students.

Aileen Carmona, Public relations, advertising and applied communications

Going to the first event and meeting the curator, I got the idea to email her and ask for a one-on-one conversation/shadowing day, and she accepted. I do foresee, from the first meeting, that the potential benefits will be learning and networking, which will then lead to opportunities to execute projects—and greater job and internship opportunities.

Vincent Nastasi, Art history

After receiving my first-ever behind-the-scenes experience, it made me realize how valuable it is to be properly informed and guided through the exhibits because the knowledge of some museum staff is incredible and eye-opening.

Andrea Rivera, Global and sociocultural studies