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Join us for a day filled with rhythm and creativity as we celebrate the upcoming Mother's and Others' Day! Our Family Day, "Beats in Bloom," combines the joy of dance performances with the art of flower-making to create unforgettable memories for all.

The day starts with lively dance performances by talented local artists from Florida Dance Sport, showcasing a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. But it's not just about watching. Get ready to tap your feet and sway to the beats as these performances invite you to join in and learn a few steps! After the captivating dance showcase, channel your inner artist with a flower-making workshop. Guided by experienced florists, learn the art of crafting beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements. Create personalized gifts for the special mothers and others in your life, and see how flower arranging brings you joy.

"Beats in Bloom" is not just about entertainment and creativity; it's a tribute to the love, strength, and beauty of motherhood. Come together as a family to celebrate the incredible mothers and others who nurture and inspire us.