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Tameka Bradley Hobbs will moderate this panel, organized in association with the exhibition An Elegy to Rosewood. Dr. Hobbs is the Library Regional Manager for the African American Research Library and Cultural Center (AARLCC) in Fort Lauderdale. She was previously the Associate Provost of Florida Memorial University and the founding director of the FMU Social Justice Institute think tank and research center. Hobbs is the author of Democracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida (2015, University Press of Florida). This panel will include artists Charlisa Montrope, Rhea Leonard, Chire Regans, and Tori Scott. These artists have created artists books for the exhibition, An Elegy to Rosewood, focusing on the women who have related the oral history of this tragedy. This conversation will elaborate on the role that women play in storytelling and preserving history.