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Please join us for the Master of Fine Arts 2021 Opening Reception, celebrating the work of studio artists Diana Grace and Elizaveta Kolesnikova, as well as the exhibitions of curators Arasay Vazquez Diaz and Paola Sierra. At the Frost the Master of Fine Arts 2021 Exhibition presents new work from student artists Dianna Grace and Elizaveta Kolesnikova as they celebrate the completion of their Master of Fine Arts degree. The student thesis projects for the Master of Fine Arts curatorial students premieres student curator Paola Sierra's virtual exhibition Records and Presence: Artists Known and Unknown in Virtually Accessible Collections and student curator Arasay Vazquez Diaz's exhibition BEFORE/AFTER: Unveiling the creative process located at the Laundromat Art Space beginning April 10, 2021 at 7pm.

Please join us for a virtual Zoom reception where we will celebrate their new exhibitions.

Banner Caption: Elizaveta Kolesnikova,Ladies of Puno [detail], oil on canvas, 2021, 48 x 60 inches, courtesy of the artist.