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Jennie Livingston’s Paris is Burning captures the New York City ball scene in the 1980s and the queer people of color that made up the community. In showcasing ball culture, the documentary explores how these communities created so much of what is modern queer pop culture, from voguing to catchphrases and beyond.

In conjunction with the exhibition Art after Stonewall, 1969-1989, the Frost Art Museum FIU is partnering with Flaming Classics to deliver a night full of drag, performances, and a special film screening of Paris is Burning!

Following the screening, there will be a discussion about ball culture and the history of voguing as a form of dance and expression. Visitors will also get the chance to strut their stuff and learn the basics of voguing!

Doors will open to the General Public at 5:00 pm. Seating is limited and on a first come, first serve basis. Want priority seating? Please come to the museum at 4:00pm for a tour of the exhibition, Art after Stonewall: 1969-1989. Attendees will be given tickets that will admit them at 4:45pm, any remaining seats will be open to the general public at 5:00pm. Tickets are limited to one per person. For more information, please contact 305.348.6963 or