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In this workshop, participants will make their own clay pots inspired by our exhibition Asian Crossroads: Influence and Interaction Along the Maritime Silk Road.

Participants will learn about different types of throwing clay and watch a demonstration, then they will make their own bowl or pot. Please note, participants will have to return to pick up their artwork. The bowl or pot will be taken to a studio and fired overnight.

MakerSPACE Workshops expand on themes from exhibitions and are designed to encourage participants to explore new concepts and ideas guided by art professionals. 

Image caption: a-e, Five Miniature Jarlets, Zhou Dynasty ca. 1045-256 BCE, Warring State Period 481 -221 BCE, Earthenware, impressed design, 2 x 3 inches dia. each, Gift of The Rubin- Ladd Foundation, FIU 2018.6.3-.7