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What game is played by 1 out of 750 people on Earth? How are girls different than boys in a STEM classroom? How can we teach kids to be literate in computer programming?
Let’s go back to middle school with Mario Eraso PhD to discuss the intersection of mathematics, visualization, and computational thinking in the classroom. Dr. Eraso serves as the STEM Coordinator in the School of Computing and Information Sciences at FIU, and his interests include the development of students’ spatial visualization abilities and programs developed to teach at-risk and minority students mathematics. He also co-founded the VITAL Summer Camp in 2016, which teaches high school students coding, construction, and virtual reality.

Mixtape Mondays present ideas from FIU faculty across disciplines, using the museum’s collection as a focal point to talk about their research interests. Join us for an informal conversation over free drinks provided by our sponsor Biscayne Bay Brewing Company.

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