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Curious Vault Collaborations 003 - Neural Networks
Opening Reception from 6-7pm | Moderated Discussion from 7-8pm

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will host the third installment of Curious Vault Collaborations, a project which partners a local artist and scientist together to create a tabletop exhibit display using at least one item from the Frost Science collection, followed by a moderated panel discussion about the exhibit.
The upcoming installation, Curious Vault Collaborations 003, is entitled Neural Networks and will explore the pathways of the human brain via Cognitive Neuroimaging. The event will serve as the debut of the installation at the Frost Art Museum and include a moderated discussion on the merging of art and science, along with an inside look at the project making of Neural Networks, featuring Bookleggers founder and writer Nathaniel Sandler; Kevin Arrow, art & collection manager for Frost Science; along with Neural Networks creators, artist and Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Florida International University; Felice Grodin; Associate Professor of Physics at Florida International University, Dr. Angela Laird; and BYO-Lab co-founder, Andrea Perelli.
Neural Networks will be on display at the Frost Art Museum through August 12.