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Join us and MFA Curatorial Practice student Brittni Winkler for a complimentary yoga class, right inside the museum galleries.

Brittni S. Winkler is the inaugural student in the department of art and art history’s new curatorial track of the MFA program in Visual Arts that questions conventional notions of the curator/exhibition and artist/artwork, Winkler has curated over 30 exhibitions in the Greater Miami area and teaches at GreenMonkey Yoga in Coral Gables and Omstead Yoga in Homestead, FL.

Master in Fine Arts: Curatorial Practice Thesis Exhibition
Brittni S. Winkler

“The ideal gallery subtracts from the artwork all cues that interfere with the fact that it is ‘art.’ The work is isolated from everything that would detract from its own evaluation of itself. . .” 

- Brian O’Doherty,  Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space 

The quote above is from a now canonical series of essays first printed in  Artforumin 1976 that clarifies that the ‘white cube’ – often used to describe the spaces of museums like this one – is never drained of meaning. In fact, the curator shapes space and meaning for the viewer all the time. This exhibition aims to bring back all the “clues that interfere with the fact that it is ‘art’ by centering the art itself around the participation of the viewer, whose presence is often seen as a distraction from the ‘art’. 

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