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Join us for the opening reception of  Carola Bravo: Blurred Borders and  Ramón Espantaleón: The Temptation.

The reception was made possible by  Ncuentro restaruant. 


Carola Bravo: Blurred Borders

In Blurred Borders, Venezuelan-born Bravo, known for her immersive site-specific installations and videos that address space, time and shifting territories, mines her personal history for inspiration. Depictions of migratory birds, yellow butterflies, weathered suitcases and white doves evoke political, psychological, poetic, and pragmatic manifestations of the contemporary migrant experience.    


Ramón Espantaleón: The Temptation

This exhibition features works that are part of a series entitled First Apple. This series expresses the artist’s ideas about the origin of the world. To achieve this, the artist used the technique of pointillism, reinterpreted and applied over the volumetric representation of the island of Manhattan, considered by many the center of modern world.